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Homework Help

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Help is Here! Check out our homework links categorized by subject. Know of a useful site  tell us about it!

American Anthology
Victorian Anthology

Facts and Fun with Art
Art History Resources
Smithsonian Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art
National Gallery of Art
Great Buildings Online

Meet Amazing Americans
Infoplease Biographies
Learner.org - Biography of America
Search for KY Biographies
Smithsonian American Biographies
Time Magazine 100 most important People of the Century

Current Events
Education Place - Current Events
New York Times - Learning Network
Cyber Schoolbus - United Nations
Fact Monster - World and News

English & Language
American Heritage Dictionary
Roget's Thesaurus
Bartlett's Quotations
Oxford Shakespeare
Harvard Classics
English Usage
Strunk's Style
Art of Reading
Art of Writing

High School Hub - Interactive learning hub for high school students
Homework Spot
Infoplease Almanac
Onelook Dictionary
Your Dictionary
General Facts and Information
Fact Monster World and News
Discovery.com - BJ Pinchbeck Homework Help
Middle School Hub

Ben's guide to U.S Government for Kids
FedStats - Gateway to statistics from over 100 US Federal agencies
Office of the Clerk - Kids in the House

Healthfinder - Reliable health information for kids
Food & Drug Administration for Kids
Yucky Kids - Your gross and cool body
Thinkquest - The Human Body
Thinkquest - The Senses

Encyclopedia of World History
Inaugural Addresses of Presidents
World Factbook
PBS Online - Liberty! The American Revolution
Library of Congress - African American Mosaic
From Revolution to Reconstruction
PBS Online - Gulf War Information
PBS Online - Battlefield: Vietnam
PBS Online - the Great War: World War One
Flags of the World
50States.com - Facts about all 50 States
American Memory
Explore the States
Meet Amazing Americans
Jump Back in Time

Holiday Gallery

A+ Math - Games and more to help you learn Math
Ask Dr. Math
ConvertMe - Interactive units converter
Coolmath4Kids - Amusement Park of Math and more

Mythology & Religion
Bulfinch's Mythology
Mythica - an encyclopedia on mythology, folklore and legend
University of Michigan Windows to the University

Native Americans 
First Nations Histories

eNature.com - Wide variety of information about nature
PBS Nature Activities

Pet Station: Guide to Enlightened and Natural Pet Keeping

Modern Verse
American Poetry
British Poetry
Golden Treasury

Internet Public Library Science Projects
Gray's Anatomy
How Stuff Works
Discovery.com Planet Earth Guide
Discovery.com Space Guide
Discovery.com Tech Guide
Weather Channel Online
HomeworkSpot Science Fair Center
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